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Web 2.0 Tools

I have been using a variety of web 2.0 tools in my classroom, for personal learning and for collaboration. Check out these examples!

I use Google Sites connected with a calendar for my class website and taught my students how to use this tool for creating portfolios.

My students use  Google Docs to save their files in the cloud and for sharing them in their student portfolios.

I use Logo of Google DriveGoogle Drive to synchronize my files between my laptop, my workplace computer,  and my phone. Drive makes it easy to share and update files on my class website. The collaboration features allow me to quickly develop a document in a team of colleagues.

I have used Blogger for a class blog in 2008/09 and my students currently blog to reflect on their learning.

I introduced wikis with WikiSpaces to my class in 2010. They have since then become very popular in our school for planning activities.

I use Evernote to toss down new ideas, collect interesting web content for a topic in progress, and for my to do lists.

Twitter  is a the moment my main way to build my personal learning network.

This seems to shift to Google+ at the moment. So I am on the move.

I have shared websites for a class project in Live Binders .

I used Google Reader to keep informed about new posts from blogs that I have chosen to follow. As Reader closed down I have switched to Feedly Feedly Logo now.

Delicious  was a great way for me to bookmark and organize information from the web. When Delicious dropped its stack concept for organizing bookmarks I switched to Diigo, another bookmarking service.

diigo logoDiigo allows me organize my bookmarks within lists and to assign tags for searching them. Often I just browse through a page and keep it in one of my lists for further use. Some of my lists of bookmarks I share with my colleagues and students, others I keep private.

I explored to get students post their knowledge simultaneously on Wallwisher .

My students shared their opinions using  Vokis.

For private photos I use  Picasa and FlickR  for photo sharing.

Here are some slide shows  that I shared on SlideShare .

The web design team of my church that I am heading is using Dropboxdropbox-logo_box to share common files and meeting minutes. Like Google Drive files from my laptop and from any  of the other users get synchronized and backed up in the cloud.

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