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Infographics – And Where to Create Them


Infographics, short for information graphics, recently pop up everywhere. According to Wikipedia they are “a graphic visual representation of data, information or knowledge”. Here is how Cool Infographics explains with legos what an information graphic is.

I checked out three free web-based tools to create infographics. Just sign up for an account and start designing.

piktoPiktochart comes with 7 free themes that can easily be customized. You can also build an infographic starting with a blank canvas and add blocks to it to form the layout. A variety of icons, images or uploaded images, text in various styles and sizes, charts and backgrounds are provided to fill those blocks with graphic content. You save your infographics online and embed the generated HTML code into a web page or export them as PNG or JPG files, however, the free version will contain a piktochart logo at the bottom.

easel; is best suited for visualizing a concept or telling a story. There are a number of themes to chose from for customization but you can also create your individual graphics from scratch. Icons from various categories, backgrounds, shapes and your own uploaded images can be used to create infographics. The canvas size is limited to one page. The graphics are saved online, and may be downloaded as JPG files or embedded using the HTML code provided for sharing. is great for creating simple infographics containing graphs as there are many choices for charts. There is a variety of design templates available for customization. You can add powerful chart, map, text, picture or video blocks to build your graphic. There are only a few colour shemes and no shapes or icons available. Your infographics are saved online. You can embed them in a web page using the HTML code provided or download your creations as PNG or PDF files.

Choose your infographic tool depending on your needs. For visualizing data using graphs, is best suited and easy to use. Ideas and stories can be best explained using Piktochart has a lot of great features to offer but has the drawback of adding their stamp to your design when downloading your pictures.



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