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Take Notes in Evernote


evernoteEvernote is a free web tool for note taking, for clipping websites, capturing photos or audio notes. It can be downloaded and installed to the computer, be used online or as an app for mobile devices. Notes get synchronized across devices so they are accessible everywhere. Notebooks and stacks of notebooks help to organize notes. Tags and a search function for keywords and tags support easy retrieval of notes. Notes can be shared on Social media and by email and notebooks can be shared with others for collaboration.

With Evernote web clipper added to the browser website content can be clipped and stored as a note in Evernote.

skitchTogether with Skitch for making annotations and sketches Evernote is perfect for saving and sharing ideas.


I use Evernote for collecting ideas about a topic I am working on. On Sundays I take notes of sermons using the Evernote app on my phone and revise their content by adding links to audio recordings and bible verses. I have also started to write my journal in Evernote.

How do you use Evernote?




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  1. The Evernote web clipper or bookmarklet is also compatible with mobile devices like the Apple ipad and iPhone.

    This lets you easily save content to Evernote while on the go.

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