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Feed Readers to Keep up with the Web


Have you ever seen this icon on a blog and wondered what it is useful for? It is the RSS Icon. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Clicking this button in my favorite blogs helps me to keep up with their latest updates. Having subscribed to their news feeds, their posts get collected either in my feed reader account online or in my Internet Explorer news feed.  Common Craft explains RSS in a simple way.

I use a free Google Reader account to aggregate news from blogs I am following.

Google Reader allows me not only to subscribe to blogs but also to collect tweet streams of  people or lists from Twitter or even twitter searches. This helps me not to miss any interesting tweets.

Subscriptions can be organized within folders and tags can be added to each individual news so they become easy to find. I can share interesting news with a comment by email or on social media sites like G+, Facebook or Twitter.

Other easy to use free online news readers are offered by Feedly or Netvibes (and there is even more).

What is your favorite news reader? Share your experiences!


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