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Slide Sharing


I discovered SlideShare years ago while looking for slide shows for a topic I wanted to teach. Soon I realized that such a community also needs active members and started sharing my content.

So what is SlideShare and how can you use it as a teacher? It is an online service to upload, share, find and download presentations, pdfs and videos and more.

When uploading materials users are asked to provide additional information such as a title, a description, tags and a category for their content. With this information all resources on SlideShare are easily searchable and SlideShare becomes a great source for finding presentations. By connecting an audio file to a slide show a vivid slide cast can be created.

Slide shows and other content are public and can be shared by email, in social media or embedded in a webpage. SlideShare is a social platform as it allows others to comment on your content and offers a news feed of users you follow.

For teachers SlideShare is a great place to find materials on specific topics, to follow interesting colleagues or mentors and to actively take part in the community.

Google Docs and SlideRocket are just two examples of comparable tools for uploading, creating, sharing and collaborating on presentations and more. They do not have a searchable collection of presentations, though.

Which Web 2.0 tools are you using to share your materials?

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