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Learning to Code with Codecademy


I am just exploring a different approach in teaching my ICT 11 students some basic HTML. This is the language used to describe how the content of web pages is displayed, the language that each browser is translating into the nice and easy to read piece for you to see.

In prior years I used a presentation and some practices prepared for the class. Recently I got to know Codecademy through a post from Richard Byrne on his “Free Technology for Teachers” blog and I decided to go for it.

After signing up for free my students can now walk through the lessons at their own pace  in class or at home and track their progress as the following image shows.

Here is a screenshot of one of the HTML lessons. Students can edit the given code to instantly check out their understanding after having read the text.

I hope that Codecademy will be an inspiration for some students to go beyond this initial experience and try more of the lessons offered such as CSS or Javascript or walk through some projects such as making a recipe card or building a webpage or programming a game.

Share your experiences on how to teach programming in high school.


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  1. ciaoworlds permalink

    I need to check that out! It sounds like a great tool for teaching/learning programming.

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