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Last week LiveBinders announced its new look. I love it! It is a great new user interface. This just came in handy as I am preparing a workshop on web2.0 tools and want to demonstrate how to use LiveBinders in education. I started using this tool last year when creating a binder to provide helpful links for my students to use for their project work on PowerPoint Games.

But what actually is LiveBinders? It can be best described as a web2.0 tool to create “3 ring binders for the Web”.  An online binder provides a place for resources such as bookmarked links to webpages, pictures from Flickr, YouTube videos, or uploaded files like pictures, videos, documents or presentations.

Resources are organized in tabs and sub tabs of a binder. Text might be added to each tab to comment or explain the resource or to combine it with a task. Shelves are used to group binders with similar content. Both, binders and shelves, can be  labeled with tags and joined to existing categories to make them easy to find for yourself and others.

Binders and shelves are private or can be shared publicly by email, on Facebook or on Twitter or embedded to a webpage or a blog. By inviting others to integrate their resources or comments binders become a room for collaboration.

Online binders are great in the classroom to built e-portfolios, for collaboration on a project, to share resources with parents or colleagues or simply for following professional or private interests, just to name a few. There is a huge variety of public educational binders shared on LiveBinders. Topics range from Third Grade Math Word Problems to a Poetry Unit.

Share your experiences with LiveBinders!


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