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Bookmarks Going Public


There is a vast amount of information on the web. Therefore it is important for me to save and organize links to websites that are relevant to my interests. I used the bookmark or favorite list of my browser for this purpose. But I switched to a Web 2.0 tool called Delicious and I am also exploring Diigo. Both tools support saving, organizing and sharing of links. Bookmarked links are no longer stored on just on my computer but on my account online. There I can also share them with others.

In the following video CommonCraft explains the use of Delicious.

There have been some changes, however, since 2007 when this video was produced. The “Tag” has been replaced by a bookmarklet “Save on Delicious” and in Chrome I use a Delicious browser extension for the same purpose.

Stacks are a new feature to help organizing  links for specific topics. Both, links and stacks, can be private, made public or visible to a group of people invited by email. Not only can others browse through my stacks but they can also contribute their own links to a stack, leave a comment or create a response stack as explained in this Delicious blog post. I use stacks to collect links of topics I am interested in. Check out my public stack of links for “Web 2.0 tools for the classroom“.

I connect to other users on Delicious by following their public stacks that are relevant for me.

The next video explains Diigo.

I still need to digest the information presented and check this tool out a bit more before I will decide which one to use permanently.

Share your experiences in a comment!

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