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Tips and Tools for Tweeters




Hashtags are labels for tweets that can occur anywhere within a tweet. Each hashtag starts with a “#” followed by a keyword. They are a way to categorize tweets and help you to find tweets of a category of your interest. Popular hashtags become trends on Twitter. Some useful hashtags for teachers are #edchat, #edtech, #mathchat, #engchat, and many many more. Find out more about Hashtags in the Twitter help center.

Lists of People

Lists can be used to create groups of people whose tweets you are interested in reading. Those people can be people you follow or anyone else on Twitter. You can also subscribe to other people’s list that appear in their profile. Twitter help explains in detail how to use lists.


I use TweetDeck for structuring my tweet stream and for following streams of my interests categorized by hashtags or as lists of people.  Tweetdeck is available online or as an application program for download and installation on your computer. It is also available as an app for Chrome. “Getting started with TweetDeck” explains more about how to use this great organizing tool.

URL Shorteners

If you want to become an active tweeter, getting the news about a precious nugget that you just read about out or informing your community about your latest blog post you need a URL shortener. This tool helps  to reduce the size of a long web address so that it fits in a 140 character tweet. I use from the Chrome web store in my browser. Other options are, or tiny url.


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