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Videos Without Clutter


Are you getting annoyed about all the clutter like “related videos,” comments, suggested videos, or advertisements you see when you open YouTube, especially if you are using it in the classroom? Here are a couple of options to avoid all this noise.

A cleaner internet is a browser extension for Chrome, Safari or Firefox that allows the searching for and the viewing of YouTube videos in a very pure way. I was almost shocked when I first used it.

When using View Pure copy the link of a video and it will be displayed just on a white background.

Quietube is another little browser extension that removes all the muddle from YouTube allowing you to view only your video. It can be installed by just dragging the Quietube button onto your toolbar. Anytime you are on YouTube and click the Quietube button  just enjoy your selected video. Quietube also works for Viddler and Vimeo videos. is another option to declutter YouTube videos. Using means to simply copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it into and watch it there.

YouTube XL  is designed for use on large screen TVs and interactive whiteboards and has a streamlined user interface without clutter. It works just as well for laptops. I strongly recommend it.


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